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How Much Should Plantation Shutters Cost?


Why plantation shutters are so popular

Plantation shutters are very aesthetic and are very valuable as window fittings and also as interior décor pieces. These shutters have been around for a while as they were popular in the southern part of America in the last two centuries. Plantation shutters are, however, not an invention of the Americans. They originated from Spain and have been imported into America since as early as the 17thcentury. The reason why so many people like these plantation window shutters is that they are very low maintenance, are practical and very easy to keep clean. Here are some other advantages of plantation shutters. These also double up as factors which influence the price of shutters.

Factors affecting the price of plantation shutters.

• Come in different materials 

Nowadays, plantation shutters come in many forms from the many different materials used in making them. For example, you can get a wooden finish (real wood, faux wood and even hardwood plantation shutters) recycled plastic, glass, polymer based materials and so forth. These materials help to determine the price and answer the question “How much should plantation shutters cost?”

• Provide aesthetic value 

The most common reason for buying plantation shutters from http://s-craft.co.uk is to make the house look more appealing. There are many advantages to this. The first one is that your house will look good from the outside and attract potential buyers (if you want to put up the house for sale. You will also be the envy of your neighbors. The second advantage is that plantation shutters are very good for interior décor. Your house looks even better on the inside. When buying plantation shutters, it is important to buy those of a color that is appealing to you and matches the colors in your house. There is a whole collection of colors for plantation shutters and you can find the best one for you. Most of the people who are hyped about interior decoration will be glad to find out the value of plantation shutters as an interior décor piece. The more attractive a plantation shutter is, the more expensive it becomes.

• Come in many colors and tones 

This is the core property of plantation shutters offering aesthetic value. There are very many colors which are offered by plantation shutters manufacturers and retailers. Some of the shutters e.g. hardwood can do without paint while others such as soft wood shutters and polymer or plastic shutters need to be painted. There are some shutters which come with a wooden finish irrespective of the material which they are made of.  Other tones include stained wood finish which is very attractive and recycled plastic finishes which are very durable and need little maintenance. The color or finish of the shutters helps to find out how much plantation shutters cost.

• Can offer heat insulation

It is common to find many homes which have blinds being too hot during the summer or in warm weather. This is very frustrating as opening or shutting the blinds will not help reduce the heat and they will be flailed around by wind when you open the windows. This has caught the attention of plantation shutters manufacturers who now make shutters which solve this problem. These shutters are made of special materials and offer heat insulation in extreme heat conditions and help keep the house cool. You can then open the shutters and let a breeze into the house. Not all plantation shutters have this functionality and this is one factor that determines how much should plantation shutters cost.








The average cost of plantation shutters

The cost of plantation shutters is largely determined by the material used to make them. For instance, the cost of basswood shutters per board feet is $3.30 on the lower side (minimum price) and about $4.65 on the higher side. Real wood plantation shutters on the other hand will cost you a few more bucks and you will have to part with about $400 for a shutter that is 36” by 60” in dimensions. There is a variation in price and this is caused by the difference in material used for making the shutters. Hardwood shutters will therefore cost you more money. Basswood is very popular since it is light in weight and also cheap /affordable.

Hiring an in-house specialist to install plantation shutters

How much should plantation shutters cost? When you ask this question, you will probably get a question in return where you’ll be asked if you are hiring someone to do the work. Many retailers you will go to will have this option. The shutters can be manufactured in-house and directly installed to fit the size of your frames. Retailers can also collaborate with highly skilled who can fabricate the shutters according to the required size and specifications. These boutique retailers will charge you more than when you buy shutters at your local home improvement store. However, the shutters will be of higher quality than those purchased in stores due to the dedicated work of the manufacturers or in-house specialists.

Do it yourself (DIY) plantation shutters

Many people who opt to install plantation shutters will prefer doing it themselves. This is so that they can save some money and also feel good about accomplishing such an important house improvement activity. The question how much should plantation shutters cost is therefore answered with consideration to the DIY method. This is because, as much as you have bought the shutters at the recommended price, there are still other minor DIY expenses.

These include; 

framing screws at 0.10$ per screw 

hinges at about 1.89$ per hinge

Shutter magnets at 1.50$ per kit. Kit includes the magnet, screws and a strike plate.

Tension hardware at 22.00$ per kit

These are the expenses incurred. However, these expenses are much less than hiring workers or buying readymade shutters.

Full house installation

There are some people who opt to have all their doors, French windows and normal windows fitted with plantation shutters. This is a big project and most people ask how much should plantation shutters cost when you have someone install all of them. This will depend on the size of the house. However, the average price for a whole condominium will set you back a few thousand dollars. Ideally you will pay between 3,500$ and 6000$ for a full house installation. 

This is popular with interior décor fanatics.